Artist Nic Blair was awarded the Derwent Public Prize for her installation piece created out of stretched elastic thread. This prize was voted for by the public visiting the show.

Nic Blair’s recent works have used up to 2 kilometres of elastic to create a feeling of stillness and calm through the use of lines and curves. The simplicity of linear white forms in space produce a serene environment, drawing and holding the viewer within it.The work forms a canopy of 1 cm wide elastic lines that redefine the architectural form of a space, and the viewer’s perception of it. The shadows and curves simultaneously bisect and unite a space.

Nic Blair
For the Drawing Crowds exhibition Nic Blair created an installation using this same technique but stretching out from a square constructed to be within the size restrictions of 30 x 30cm. This was created while the rest of the drawing crowds exhibition was hung.

Nic Blair

Nic Blair installing her work



We are proud to announce that Fuad Ali has won the Derwent Online Prize voted for by the online community. Fuad Ali explains below about his winning picture “A Postcard from Afar”

“The narration of a scene explored on the card, in which the postcard itself goes through a personal but desperate journey to reach out to a loved one. I was thinking about the idea of a personal battle, the kind that we may experience with other people or even a conflict within ourselves. I decided to put this idea within the context of besieged soldiers, the notion of fighting against something and hoping for a resolution. The use of mix collage to give the effect of a design overwhelmed with different objects was a concept that I really wanted to explore. There’s so much to say but so little space to say it, I used this opportunity to experiment with the composition of the drawing”

Fuad Ali "The Postcard From A Far"

Our sponsor,Jackson’s Art Supplies, have awarded £100 of artists materials to the artist Heena Kim for her piece an Oriental Way. Curators Eleanor Bedlow and Carne Griffiths were in agreement with choosing Heena’s work for the award.  Both in terms of it’s approach to exploratory drawing and it’s interpretation of the theme Journey Heena’s approach to drawing is both freshly innovative and offers the viewer a complete sense of abandonment and a chance to share the daydreams of the artist.  If you haven’t visited yet, the Stone space will be open from Thursday from 2-6pm 17th Nov,  for the final 4 days of Drawing Crowds, we hope you are able to visit.

Heena Kim An Oriental Way


Join us tonight (10th November)  for the Private view of drawing crowds.  We will be celebrating the exhibition of 25 artist’s work at the Stone Space from 6pm.  Please come along for a glass of wine and a chance to talk to participating artists about their work in the show.

Our thanks to Amelia’s Magazine for her write up of the exhibition

Drawing Crowds Private View will take place at

The Stone Space
6 Church Lane
Close to Leytonstone Tube
E11 1HG


Today the Drawing Crowds exhibition opened at The Stone Space, photographer Marine Brown has taken some wonderful photographs of the work in the show but the best way to see the pieces is close up and personal. We hope you will find the time to visit the exhibition.

Cos Ahmet "Untitled Self' (After Durer) 2011, Graphite, pencil, ink and collage on paper

Cos Ahmet "Untitled Self' (After Durer) 2011, Graphite, pencil, ink and collage on paper

Much of my work explores themes of identity and the self, with recent works taking on the appearance of altered states, meta-figurative beings and grafted self portraits, assembled and appropriated by using and making reference to other artists and their work. This has extended my visual language, enhancing the exploratory journey of  the ‘self’, allowing the dialogue to shape and shift through the form of drawing and collage. I appear in my work in several guises, presenting a new face or mannerism, bearing a mask where I insert myself into new circumstances, flirt with previous ones, and offer an altered discourse.